12 Important Podcasts to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

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As much as we’d like to believe that we’re experts in our chosen fields, there’s always something new to learn! Even experienced, confident entrepreneurs should take the time to keep up with the latest news, insights, and evolutions in small business marketing.

There are many ways to absorb this information, including magazine articles, television, and books, but as a busy professional, your time is valuable. If you only have time for one, the best answer just might be marketing podcasts.

Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are perfect for multitaskers.

You can hear what they have to say while commuting, waiting for an appointment, or doing simple paperwork. Most podcasts oriented towards businesses have very short episodes, running between 10 and 30 minutes. Fitting them into an average business day isn’t tough at all, and it’s easy to get the latest episodes regularly downloaded on your phone.

Recent studies have also shown that your brain is more active when listening to podcasts versus watching television. The reason for this is that podcasts require listeners to use their imagination rather than having everything conveyed to them visually.

They can be especially effective for auditory learners that learn best through hearing, who make up around 30% of the US population. While many of their classmates and coworkers struggle to get through a lengthy lecture, an auditory learners will soak up the information they hear and remember up to 75% of it.

Given these advantages, it pays to know how to listen to a podcast. You can download them through a variety of apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Once you subscribe, you’ll be able to get new episodes as soon as they arrive.

But where to start? We’ve collected a list of twelve of the very best marketing podcasts that will give your business a leg up:

#1: Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Summary: In this show, experienced marketers Neil Patel and Eric Sui give broadly applicable and actionable marketing advice every single day. These are two smart guys with a track record who offer key tips to take your business to the next level. Anyone looking for the best small business podcast will find a worthy contender in Marketing School.

Posting Schedule: Daily

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • #1838: How to Bring in Customers Without Using Bait
  • #1825: Unorthodox Ways to Get More Backlinks
  • #1766: How to Buy A Business with No Money Down
  • #1705: What Marketing Channel Has the Best ROI?

#2: Marketing Over Coffee

Summary: The name of this podcast isn’t just cute — it really is recorded in a real Massachusetts coffee shop every Wednesday morning. Enough with the trivia, though — each episode discusses marketing trends and techniques including social networking, SEO and search marketing, email marketing, multivariate testing, and even old-school offline marketing campaigns. The whole show has a welcoming, clever vibe, with each episode running only about 30 minutes.

Posting Schedule: Once per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • July 21st: Pre Post Pandemic advice
  • July 8th: Nobody wants a webinar
  • April 23rd: Eric Schwartzman on The Digital Pivot

#3: Entrepreneurs on Fire

Summary: Like many of these podcasts, Entrepreneurs on Fire is an interview show where host John Lee Dumas speaks with successful entrepreneurs. What helps this show stand out is its dedication to honesty and the accolades it has gotten. John gives listeners a transparent view of his own success marketing with podcasts, and where it has succeeded and failed. This 15–30 minute podcast has also been featured in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and US News.

Posting Schedule: Daily

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • Sept 3rd: Why your branding needs to take a digital-first approach with Allison Elsworth
  • August 27th: How to launch your online business with Jeff Walker
  • August 13th: How to use job search sites to your advantage with Ian Siegel
  • July 6th: How to start a blogging business from Zero in 2021 with Adam Enfroy

#4: What the Flux

Summary: What the Flux is a podcast with intensely focused bite-sized business news, with a 5-minute breakdown of the top stories of the day. It’s hosted by Bret and Justin Joffe, co-founders of the influential Australian money app Flux. This is a perfect show for people looking to stay knowledgeable about Australian businesses because it focuses on stories from that part of the world. However, the podcast can also be helpful for anyone looking for a global perspective, as the hosts discuss other global finance stories.

Posting Schedule: Almost Daily — they skip one every once in a while.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • August 9th: Netflix partners with the NSW Gov. and Screenworks to provide skill training for entry-level screen industry careers. Snapchat partners with six Australian content houses. Regis Healthcare underpays staff over the last 6 years by between $30–40m.
  • August 4th: Facebook finally launches a news section for Australian markets. YouTube launches a $135m fund to incite creators to use YT Shorts vs TikTok. The former CEO of Australian Post has received a 1mil termination payment for her ex-employer.
  • June 27th: Afterpay will let shoppers use their cards anywhere. Ray-Ban maker considers suing the company it was about to buy for $11.3bil. BuzzFeed is going public in a new acquisition.

#5: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Summary: This business and finance podcast focuses on how successful businesses scale. In each episode, host Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn) dissects a theory of good scaling and interviews founders about their own journey of scaling their business. What’s cool about this podcast is that there’s a 50/50 gender balance for guests, so female business owners can get a more relevant perspective that can sometimes be a bit neglected in other media. Each episode runs for about 35 minutes.

Posting Schedule: Typically 2–3 times per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • July 13th: How to find your big idea w/ Spanx Founder Sara Blakely
  • July 8th: How Buzzfeed bounced back
  • March 30th: Mark Cuban — What investors really look for

#6: Shopify Masters

Summary: Shopify actually produces this podcast themselves, highlighting successful users from the platform and other experts in online commerce. Each episode features an interview where the guest shares their experiences and inspiring stories for growing an online business. This is a perfect guide for anyone running an online store. Episodes run an average of 45 minutes, so set aside some time for this one or be prepared to listen in segments.

Posting Schedule: Once per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • August 17th: Threading together inclusivity and functionality to build a 7 figure activewear brand
  • May 4th: From getting kicked out of Staples to being acquired by BIC
  • March 29th: How one company scaled without scaling at all

#7: Badass Business Owner with Tammy Adams

Summary: Badass Business Owner is one of the most lovingly produced podcasts about small business owners. Episodes focus on the challenges and opportunities facing local brick-and-mortar operations. It’s an inspirational weekly show, containing smart and relevant tips for connecting with the neighborhood and becoming a beloved part of the local community. As Tammy herself puts it, her top mission is to “help as many Badass Business Owners start and grow a profitable business.” Episodes usually run just 10–20 minutes.

Posting Schedule: Once per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • Sept 6th: Sales do not mean someone is profitable
  • August 9th: 5 Mistakes costing small business owners thousands of profit dollars
  • June 28th: No Sales? Do this first!
  • May 31st: Are you setting up your business to fail?

#8: Brown Ambition

Summary: This show is hosted by two Black female entrepreneurs, Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, who have been featured on MSNBC, Fast Company, and other major outlets. While everyone can learn from Brown Ambition, it’s especially great for people of color and women looking to start or improve their own businesses. The show includes many honest conversations about work-life balance, changes in your career, and building independent wealth. The episodes can vary quite a bit in their runtime, with some as short as 20 minutes and others running over an hour. Be sure to check the episode’s runtime before fitting it into your schedule.

Posting Schedule: Two episodes per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • Ep 278: Being the face of your own business
  • Ep 274: From 70k to 700k
  • Ep 251: I got promoted without a raise! Help!
  • Ep 225: Finding your “Zone of Genius” at work

#9: Everyone Hates Marketers

Summary: Host Louis Grenier knows that many people are sick of marketing buzzwords and BS. That’s why this podcast has a no-fluff approach that cuts through the pretty words and gets right down to practical advice. Episodes run between 10 and 40 minutes and focus on helping listeners get more website visitors, leads, customers, and long-term profit out of their marketing.

Posting Schedule: Once per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • August 3rd: How to stand out and remain professional
  • June 1st: How to offend people and create great ****ing content
  • May 4th: Facts don’t change minds, here’s what does
  • April 13th: We need to talk about this fatal mistake

#10: The Science of Social Media by Buffer

Summary: Buffer has had a lot of success as a social media tool, and this podcast hosted by their social media marketing team gives you some insight into why. Each episode runs about 15 minutes and covers impactful social media insights, strategies, and inspirations.

Posting Schedule: The show went on hiatus in December 2020, but its past episodes remain wonderful and relevant for small business help.

Episodes we recommend:

  • December 2020: How to build an audience on Twitter
  • August 2020: How local businesses can crush it on social
  • February 2020: How to discover what works
  • November 2019: A crash course in building custom audiences for your social media ads

#11: The Goal Digger Podcast

Summary: If you’re unhappy with the way your career, family, and other aspects of your life intersect with each other, this is the podcast for you. The Goal Digger Podcast offers productivity tips, social media strategies, life hacks, and inspirational stories that can give you a better idea of how to design your dream career. Host Jenna Leigh Kutcherhas a warm, open approach that will teach you how to make the adjustments you need to live and market happier and more effectively — all in 20–40 minute episodes.

Posting Schedule: Usually posts 2–3 times per week.

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • Sept 6th: What you need to know about video content on Instagram
  • August 11th: 4 uncommon marketing tactics that work
  • July 21st: How to get customer testimonials that help you sell
  • June 30th: The top 5 free strategies to grow your traffic organically

#12: The $100 MBA Show

Summary: This podcast has gotten a lot of attention over the years, with some naming it among the best small business podcasts. Apple itself honored the show in the 2014 “Best of iTunes” awards. In any case, The $100 MBA Show is packed with effective business tips and strategies to grow your company. Host Omar Zenhom creates bite-sized episodes (often under 15 minutes) teaching important lessons that are easy to understand and digest.

Posting Schedule: Daily

Recent episodes we recommend:

  • MBA 1866 & 1867: How to create lead magnets that convert
  • MBA 1856: Mental health and your business
  • MBA 1836: My top 3 tools for new businesses
  • MBA 1834: Why your marketing is not working

Which of These Podcasts for Small Business Owners Are You Going to Listen To?

There are so many marketing podcasts out there offering information that can be relevant and helpful to your business. However, these 12 are a great starting point as they are often named among the best podcasts for small business owners.

Still, while you shouldn’t ignore the value of podcasts for small business owners, they can’t solve everything. Sometimes you just can’t find the answer to the question that’s bugging you, and podcasts don’t often focus on the technical side of small business marketing. And of course, even the best advice can’t replace the benefit of direct, experienced assistance.

That’s where Zoek can come in handy. Our small business services can give you that extra edge or little bit of help you need to get your marketing started, or take it from good to great. We offer our experience at a value price point and have team members ready to aid you with everything from web design to SEO. If you’re curious about our services, reach out to one of our Wix experts today at no cost to you. Get ready to discover what Zoek can do for you!



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